United Arab Emirates ‘slave labour’

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It’s far beyond belief. UAE modern streets and sky scrapers are just a show.

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This videop is called UAE Construction Workers – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Middle East — Human Slavery?

Unfortunately, not only beautiful nature reserves in the United Arab Emirates

From weekly The Observer in Britain:

Call for UN to investigate plight of migrant workers in the UAE

Work conditions in the UAE and throughout the area described as ‘international scandal’

David Batty

Saturday 13 September 2014 22.30 BST

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has called on the United Nations to investigate evidence that thousands of migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates, including those building a new Louvre museum and the world’s largest Guggenheim, are treated as slave labour.

The confederation has called on the UN’s International Labour Organisation (ILO) to investigate the welfare of workers on a $27bn (£16.6bn) complex of museums and luxury resorts in Abu Dhabi, and the conditions faced by other migrants employed…

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Prof Bob Carter warns of unpreparedness for Global Cooling

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HadCRUT_cooling from 2001

Eric Worrall writes:

Professor Bob Carter, writing in today’s edition of The Australian, a major Aussie daily newspaper, warns that the world is unprepared for imminent global cooling, because of the obsession of policy makers with global warming.

According to Bob Carter;

Heading for ice age

“GRAHAM Lloyd has reported on the Bureau of Meteorology’s capitulation to scientific criticism that it should publish an accounting of the corrections it makes to temperature records (“Bureau warms to transparency over adjusted records”, 12/9). Corrections which, furthermore, act to reinforce the bureau’s dedication to a prognosis of future dangerous global warming, by turning cooling temperature trends into warming ones — a practice also known to occur in the US, Britain and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, we have a report by Sue Neales that the size of our grain harvest remains in doubt following severe frosts in southern NSW killing large areas of early…

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The Weather Channel is losing viewers to global warming and other pointless programming

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Bloomberg reports that ratings are down 20% over three years, and with the sort of programming they continue with, such as this lame “forecast from 2050″ with Sam Champion and go-to storm chaser guy Jim Cantore, where in a CGI based forecast, he laments rising sea levels while standing in fake water.

JimCantoreHere is the fake forecast video, sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization (part of the U.N.):

It doesn’t look like their ratings and viewers will rebound any time soon, much like global warming itself, which is now in an extended pause that may last as long as 30 years.

Bloomberg reports:

DirecTV dropped the Weather Channel for about three months earlier this year after failing to come to an agreement about how much the network should be paid in affiliate fees. The Weather Channel agreed to cut back on its reality programming to include more local weather…

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Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Sep 14 2014 – Amazing – Another All-Time Record

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Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Sept 14 2014 – 1,191,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean. Data for Day 256. Data here.

Amazing. Day 256 has broken the day 255 all-time record by 110,000 sq km. And the daily record from 2013 was broken by 230,000 sq km.

History making.



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Hurricane Odile takes aim at Baja

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Powerful Hurricane Odile is taking aim at Baja. Photo courtesy Servicio Meteorológico Nacional .

Hurricane watches issued; major storm impacts expected

Staff Report

FRISCO — Much of the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula could see high winds, coastal flooding and mudslides as Hurricane Odile takes aim at the area, packing sustained winds of up to 135 mph.

The approaching tropical storm has prompted hurricane warnings and evacuations in Baja, where the storm surge could peak at 33 feet above normal sea level, according to the Servicio Meteorológico Nacional, which is also warning of tropical storm conditions along parts of Mexico’s mainland Pacific coast.

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Occupy Iceland

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Sept 14 2014 – Drifting Down

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Sept 14 2014 – -1,144,000 sq km below the 1981-2010 mean. Data for Day 256. Data here.



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