Trash back!

The West has been dumping tens of millions of tons of trash in Southeast Asian countries for more than 25 years — now they want to send it back

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The Peculiar Blindness of Experts

— JesseJenkins (@JesseJenkins) May 19, 2019

Wonderful article on expert judgement: “The best forecasters view their ideas as hypotheses in need of testing. If they make a bet & lose, they embrace the logic of a loss just as they would the reinforcement of a win. This is called, in a word, learning.”

The bet was on, and it was over the fate of humanity. On one side was the Stanford biologist Paul R. Ehrlich. In his 1968 best seller, The Population Bomb, Ehrlich insisted that it was too late to prevent a doomsday apocalypse resulting from overpopulation. Resource shortages would cause hundreds of millions of starvation deaths within a decade. It was cold, hard math: The human population was growing exponentially; the food supply was not. Ehrlich was an accomplished butterfly specialist. He knew that nature did not regulate animal populations delicately. Populations exploded, blowing past the available resources, and then crashed.

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Week in review – science edition

— Judith Curry (@curryja) May 25, 2019

My latest roundup of interesting climate-related articles

A few things that caught my eye this past week.

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Special Report on Sea Level Rise

— Judith Curry (@curryja) November 27, 2018

Twitter thread summarizing my report on Sea Level and Climate Change

This report reflects 18 months of work on this topic. Why have I devoted so much time to the sea level rise issue? First, I regard sea level rise to be the most consequential potential impact of predicted global warming. Second, there is a great deal of public confusion about the issue, including decision makers. Third, a number of CFAN’s clients have queried me about a range of specific concerns that they have regarding sea level rise (and I have been doing consulting on this topic).
Why do I think an independent assessment of the sea level rise issue by yours truly is needed, given the plethora of international and national assessment reports? My clients are concerned about the alarmist predictions they have encountered. I have seen various ‘experts’ make public statements projecting 21stcentury sea level to be as high as 9 m [30 feet]. My clients are looking for someone that they trust to provide an objective assessment that focuses on their issues of concern.
I am not a published expert on sea level rise, although I have published some relevant papers in oceanography and the climate dynamics of the polar regions. What I bring to this assessment is a broader perspective on the issues of climate dynamics, climate modeling and uncertainty than most of the community working on the sea level rise issue. In any event, it is arguably useful for a knowledgeable person outside of the publishing sea level community to provide an independent assessment.

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Solar Power hits the death spiral vertical rise in Australia

— Joanne Nova (@JoanneNova) April 15, 2019

It’s a death spiral. High electricity bills and massive subsidies mean Australia is adding record amounts of #solar #PV panels which will only make electricity more expensive. Cost is already over $200pa and rising fast for non-solar homes.

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#auspol #aemo

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President Trump is not attacking climate science.

— Bishop Hill (@aDissentient) May 28, 2019

President Trump is not attacking climate science. He is simply recognising its futility in the face of an overwhelmingly complex climate system.

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Grand Solar Minimum weather extremes (China)

Grand Solar Minimum weather extremes (China): Severe & persistent drought is affecting SW China’s Yunnan Province, causing a huge impact on the agricultural sector. See the publications below for the climate impact of GSMin and the Little Ice Age in China

Grand Solar Minimum (@iceagereentry) May 28, 2019

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