Foregone morality, neglect of ethics, and recklessly claiming no such thing as virtue?

The Contemplative Thinker

And in this person’s short lifetime up to now, there are far too many indentations within the fabric of our society and how we fail to get issues resolved. Just back from visiting The Economist it was a comment from one or more of the respondents to an article that is about morality, ethics, and virtue within our elected officials in Washington D.C., so I will share this with you – primarily because this particular comment was written by a non-American who is quite adept in the ways of the U.S.A.

“I’m a foreigner and don’t live in the US (I have however been a frequent visitor over many years and would regard myself as a friend) but it looks to me like your biggest problem is that you neither listen to one another, nor debate, nor attempt to find middle ground. What you do is stand at opposite sides…

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