Who cares if Samsung copied Apple (and may I add, vice versa): HBR Article


There’s a good reason why I follow HBR articles. It’s thought-provoking and refreshing. And I relish in it.

Here’s a much debatable topic of recent: Samsung Versus Apple, who cares? written by James Allworth. You may click on the link and have a read.

My humble opinion? Almost everything out there in the market is a formation of red ocean strategy. Between Apple and Samsung, I don’t see much innovation apart from what’s been televised in Babylon or Star Trek. The technology, or at least, the innovative component has been machined years back and only surfaced now after much tweaking and testing.

I’d hate to be a patent lawyer. Maybe that’s why I forgo the idea of going into Law School and jumped ship to the Communication catamaran instead.

Instead of bickering over who copied whose rounded app and sliding movement in the court, it’s probably best that these two…

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