A Partial Response to Freeman Dyson & Climate Skeptics


Misinformation makes me upset. A couple hours ago, I posted an article written by Bill McKibben on my Facebook. The article, in general, discusses the dangers of climate change and advocates that people take a more adversarial stance towards fossil fuels and the companies that sell them. In response, a friend of mine posted this article, which is written by physicist Freeman Dyson. Dyson’s article, unfortunately, lacks sources and uses many techniques typical to climate change-deniers. Worse, I, having never taken a course in climate science, was able to identify blatant scientific errors that Dyson could easily have avoided if he had conducted a basic Google search. In this post, I will go through and respond to some of the errors that I found particularly disturbing. I’d love to do a more thorough break-down, but I unfortunately don’t have the time tonight, and I want to get this post…

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