The Institue of Economic Affairs is wrong: we need more competition in the market for ideas

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It’s rare that turkeys write articles in right wing newspapers calling for more Christmas but that is exactly what Ruth Porter the communications director of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has done. There are some interesting lessons hidden away in an otherwise contradictory and risible piece.

In her article for The Telegraph Ms. Porters argues that;

“One of the greatest scourges on government today is group identity politics and lobbying of vested interest groups. There is only one answer – it is time for the government to take on all groups at the same time and to finally call for an end to group identity politics. This is a time of economic crisis, it is imperative that the government actually find the courage to govern in the national interest.”

Having read this sharp denunciation of interest groups that lobby government, you might be surprised to learn that the Institute…

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