The Morality of Space…

Conversations With The Moon.

I live in an upper middle-class suburb in Southern California.  I, myself, am under the federal poverty level, but I manage to live paycheck-to-paycheck with some left over for savings/retirement.  Lots of my neighbors don’t.  I didn’t notice it really take off until 2008, but my community has at least quadrupled its homeless population.  More women. More children.  More young men, in their 20’s.

I love space and space exploration.  As a 7-year-old I remember that July day in 1969, living in Fresno, California watching the moon landing on a 17″ black and white T.V. with rabbit ears…grainy images.  I walked outside and looked up at the moon…hoping to catch a glimpse of Apollo 11.  My imagination  fired and my pride swelling…I was proud to live in a country that could accomplish this.

Space exploration will forever be seen as a national source of pride, a barometer of our success…

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