Cheap Natural Gas, but wait – there’s more

Watts Up With That?

Guest post by Ric Werme

One minor sign of fall where I live is the arrival of a letter from the gas utility announcing the “Fixed Price Option (FPO) lock-in price” for the winter season. FPO offers a price which people can accept and can plan on heating expenses for the winter. I haven’t taken advantage of it, I think only once in the last decade it would have saved money. However, it does make a decent estimate of the winter natural gas price.

For some reason or other, I’ve been tracking this along with monthly natural gas and electricity billing. At the very least, it gives me some sense of what’s happening in the industry without paying much attention.

Over the last six years, the FPO prices in US dollars per therm(*) were:

Year "FPO" price
2007   $0.8925
2008   $1.2043
2009   $1.2835
2010   $0.8420
2011   $0.8126
2012   $0.6919


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