Little Ice Age Storm Surges Killed Tens Of Thousands Of People In Europe

Real Science

Climate experts Bloomberg and McKitten tell us that storm surges are caused by global warming, because they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

The (1st) Grote Mandrenke (/ɣroːtə mandrɛŋkə/, Low Saxon for “Great Drowning of Men”,[1]) was the name of a massive southwesterly Atlantic gale (see also European windstorm) which swept across England, the Netherlands, northern Germany, and Schleswig around January 16, 1362, causing at minimum 25,000 deaths.[1] January 16 is the feast day of St. Marcellus (pope Marcellus I), hence the terrible storm tide is also called the “2nd St. Marcellus flood”. The “1st St. Marcellus flood” which drowned 36,000 men mainly in West Friesland and Groningen (today provinces in the north of the Netherlands) took place on the same day (January 16) in 1219.

An immense storm tide of the North Sea swept far inland from the Netherlands to Denmark, breaking up islands, making parts of…

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