NOAA’s Global Warning: Arctic Tipping Point Reached, Extreme Weather, Rapid Melt, Ecological Damage to Follow


For years now, scientists have been concerned that a global warming tipping point would soon be reached in the Arctic. The worry was that heat would eventually erode the Arctic’s ability to self-insulate. Once this happened, a number of feedbacks would come into play that not only more rapidly increase warming in the Arctic, but that accelerate warming on a global scale.

Now, in a study that can only be called a bombshell, NOAA is saying that we are past the tipping point and an age of unprecedented global change is to follow. The study, entitled “The Recent Shift in Early Summer Arctic Atmospheric Circulation,” examines how wind patterns have changed in the Arctic. It shows that winds which once blew from east to west have now consistently altered to a north-south orientation.

The study notes that these wind changes have been brought on by an erosion of Arctic sea…

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