WOW!!!! Antarctic Sea Ice Extent All Time Records Set in 2012

sunshine hours

Update: Take at look at the amazing AMO vs Arctic vs Antarctic graph here.

As you may know, I have been using Cryosphere’s Antarctic Sea Ice Area data to show the record levels of Antarctic Sea Ice.

But I just found another data set, NOAA’s Sea Ice Extent here. (thanks to commenter HaroldW at the Blackboard)

And it turns out day 265 set an all time record, and then day 266 broke that record. Days 265 through 270 are now the 6 highest Antarctic Sea Ice Extent’s of all time!!!!

11 of the top 15 are now 2012.

Anyone wonder why NOAA isn’t making a fuss about this?

Year Day of Year Ice Extent
2012 266 19.45418
2012 268 19.4478
2012 267 19.44631
2012 270 19.4433
2012 269 19.41601
2012 265 19.36135
2006 264 19.35934
2012 257 19.35567
2012 271 19.35207
2006 267 19.34999

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