More bad news for alarmists – no trend in global hurricane landfalls

Watts Up With That?

This excerpt from Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. on his blog likely will cause Bill McKibben and the McKibbenites at to ramp up the rhetoric over the post Sandy “new normal” yet again, because as we’ve learned, new factual information doesn’t dent their resolve.

Pielke writes:

Earlier this year, Jessica Weinkle, Ryan Maue and I published a paper in the Journal of Climate on trends in global landfalling hurricanes (a PDF can be found here as well). At the global level the data is good from 1970. Our analysis covered through 2010. With 2012 almost in the books I recently asked Ryan if he could provide an initial tabulation of the 2012 data (note that the data could be revised from these initial estimates, and 2012 is still not quite over). […]

Below is the dataset from 1970 first presented in our paper, updated with 2011 and 2012 included. In…

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