‘Skeptical Science’ Misrepresents Their Animation “The Escalator”

Warming over the long term presents just one linear trend line. However there can be too many animations for too many selections, trend lines to cooler/warmer/no change may be extracted. The animation can show cooler only when you have special selection in special periods.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

Apparently, one of the proudest achievements of the website SkepticalScience is their “Down the Up Escalator” gif animation. They prominently display it in their right sidebar. The intent of the animation is to show that global temperature anomalies can flatten or cool over decadal or shorter periods while warming over the long term.

The first version was created using the Berkley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) land surface air temperature dataset. That, of course, made SkepticalScience appear two-faced, because the papers associated with the BEST dataset had not yet appeared in any peer-reviewed scientific journals and SkepticalScience downplays any research efforts that haven’t been peer reviewed.


Bogus Escalator

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