CO2 Water Issue

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We’ve, most all of us, seen that chart before. I’d like to add a bit of context to it. Notice that the major CO2 band is already “pegged” at the top. Notice that it overlaps, a lot, with water. Here is the same graph with a rectangular hole laid over that center band. Why? Because it, being already plugged, can’t get more plugged. So any added effect from CO2 must come outside that center.

OK, now notice that on the right side of that “window”, water is already nearly dominant. Not going to pick up much there. In fact, you can look at any of the CO2 “nodes” and they are pretty much already saturated and, other than some broadening, are not going to add any real obstruction. Yet broadening doesn’t add much either. One kind, pressure broadening, happens due to higher air pressure. As that happens at the deep…

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