Does Al Gore Think Glenn Beck Is More To Be Feared Than An Oil Nation?

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Al Gore’s syndicate is selling the Current TV Network to Al Jazeera, the Qatar-owned news network, for something like $500 million. Glenn Beck had earlier tried to buy Current TV but he was turned down with the stated reason being that Current TV wanted to sell to someone that shared their views and Beck didn’t.  However it seems that Qatar does have the same views.  This is difficult to get your mind around.   Gore has made a fortune bashing anyone associated with crude oil and the products from crude like gasoline (petrol) thus fossil fuel-financed Al Jazeera would seem an unlikely candidate.  One can only conclude that if Gore has to decide between money and principal, money wins.  Gore is reported to get $100 million from this sale.
A little background.  Current TV was founded in 2005.  Current TV has been a ratings disaster.  It had access to some…

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