Why are my feet cold?

Musings from the Chiefio

I have an annual (bi-annual) ritual. The Changing Of The Bulbs. Near the equinoxes I swap light bulb type in some lights. It is also a good time to shake the stray bug body out of the glass globes and to wipe / wash off any accumulate dust and grime that would dim the light. A significant amount of light can be lost to a dirty fixture or bulb.

It is also a time when I look for “marginal bulbs” in hard to reach places. So a CFL with dark ends to the glass gets placed in easy to reach fixtures as it is “on the way out”. Sometimes I also “play with the lighting” in the process. Using that 4 to 5 minute CFL warm up to full brightness to effect in some places (where I do NOT want a blinding flash of light at switch on) and using…

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