Austerity Economics Politics Riots and War: Aug 1914 Parallels for Summer 2013 – John Gelmini

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Following on from my blog entitled Austerity, Economic, Politics, Riots and War, I received a comprehensive and reflective response from John Gelmini which I am restating below. Whilst I endorse the general thrust of John’s argument, I do not necessarily agree with detailed observations nor reach the same conclusion. However, for sure, John paints a scary scenario. It’s still very much a risk profile and can be effectively mitigated by common sense prevailing from some of the World’s leaders. Let us know what you think too.



2. AUGUST 1914

The economic and political conditions today described in the Guardian and the award-winning Paul Krugman are eerily reminiscent of those which prevailed in the summer of 1914.

Then we had a series of powerful elites remote from the concerns of ordinary people and we had a British Empire in…

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