Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change

Energy Systems & Sustainable Living

Greenhouse effect

  • The natural greenhouse effect is where various gases in the atmosphere, primarily

    water vapour and carbon dioxide are transparent to shortwave incoming radiation, but absorbs outgoing long wave radiation. This occurs because molecules resonate at certain at certain frequencies absorbing and releasing heat

  • Temperatures were stable up to 1900 followed by a warming period up to 1940, a brief cooling, and then continuing to increase since 1950.
    • Sea level rise – gradual increase in early 20th century, accelerating after 1950
    • Snow cover decreasing but with large amounts of variability
    • Average temperature increasing
  • Carbon 12, 13 and 14 in the atmosphere (Carbon 12 is dominant). Plants take up C12 so ff has higher C12 concentrations than the modern atmosphere. When burnt, C13 is depleted and ratio of C13:C12 decreases
  • 5.5 GtC emitted from ff and 1.6GtC from deforestation, with 2 GtC absorbed by oceans and 1.8 GtC going…

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