WUWT’s Armagh silliness

Musings on Quantitative Palaeoecology

One of the silliest posts to be published at WUWT since the “Diatoms…iiiiin spaaaaaaaaaaace!” farce, has to be yesterday’s article by Darko Butina based on his new paper. The paper apparently labours under the title

Should We Worry About the Earth’s Calculated Warming at 0.7°C Over Last the Last 100 Years When the Observed Daily Variations Over the Last 161 Years Can Be as High as 24°C?

in an unidentified “journal that deals with data analysis and pattern recognition of data generated by a physical instrument”. Presumably it is too embarrassing to mention the journal’s name (at least it should be embarrassing for the editor who published this paper). We are told that the paper is 20 pages long – crucial information for evaluating how good it is. Anthony Watts obviously thought it merited promoting and invited Butina’s contribution to WUWT.

The paper uses the Armagh Observatory temperature series (1844-2004)…

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