Melting ice brings Norway and Asia closer together

2 Degrees Centigrade


The town of Kirkenes in northernmost Norway used to be further away from Asia than virtually any other European port, but it suddenly seems a lot closer. The reason: Global warming.

Scramble for Pole position
With its deep, ice-free harbour, Kirkenes in Norway is on the cusp of becoming a boom town  Photo


6:59AM BST 23 Jun 2013

Melting ice has opened up the Northern Sea Route along Russia’s Arctic coastline, changing international trade patterns in profound ways — even if so far it looks more like a sleepy county road than a busy, four-lane highway.

In a change of potentially revolutionary significance, the travel time between the Japanese port of Yokohama and Hamburg in Germany has been cut by 40 per cent, while fuel expenditure is down by 20 per cent.

“For the first time in history we are witnessing a new ocean opening up in the high north which…

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