Sun Spots

Power For USA

Sun spots can have a powerful effect on the Earth.

Sun spots create magnetic storms that can threaten the grid. See A Carrington Catastrophe, January 2013.

A solar storm equivalent to the 1862 Carrington event could destroy power transformers across the northern reaches of the United States and Europe.

Sun spots can affect temperatures on Earth, as occurred during the Maunder Minimum.

Sun spots occur in 11-year cycles, starting at a low level, increasing to a peak, and then declining.


It is well understood that the lack of sun spots during the Maunder Minimum created the Little Ice Age. The Dalton Minimum is the period during the first two cycles beginning around 1800.

The question has been raised whether we are about to experience another minimum with a corresponding decline in temperatures.


This chart from NASA shows the status of the current sun spot cycle, which is…

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