Climate Chaos @ 400ppm


World levels of CO2 recently passed 400 ppm.  So here is a revised and updated version of an old subvert I made in 2007:

This diagram shows the strong link between rises in CO2 and rises in global Temperature.  CO2 has now exceeded 400 parts per million by volume (pppmv) which has not happened in the last half a million years.  The last time CO2 was this high, the world’s oceans were approximately 20meters higher – that’s 66 feet!  Coca-cola adverts used to start “I’d like to teach the world to sing”.  I now say “I’d like to teach the world to SWIM!” – as a symbol of the need to learn new ways to survive the many changes that climate chaos will bring us.  See more of my climate art on my old website.

We need to stop adding to the problem: shut down the fossil fuel industry, stop…

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