Action 92. The IPCC 5th Report: read it and (try not to) weep.

350 Climate Change Actions

At last week’s Climate Solutions event (Action 91), one of the guests asked whether Climate Solutions was interested in responding to the ongoing arguments from climate change skeptics. I greatly appreciated their communication directors’ response, which was to the effect that the debate is over: climate change is happening, it is happening more quickly on many fronts than we even imagined, and there is too much work to be done actually trying to make a difference and rechart our energy course to waste time and effort on the arguments of those who refuse to accept or wish to bury the reality of what is going on.

I totally get that, and I agree; that’s why I am focused on positive, proactive steps that I and we can take to make a difference. However, while I agree that trying to change the minds of the unchangeable is a waste of our…

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