Value-free science?

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Reiner Grundmann has a new post on Die Klimazwiebel discussing whether or not philosophy can enlighten climate science. Reiner also has an earlier post about the same topic.

As far as I can tell, the basic argument seems to be that scientists should be value-free. In other words, you shouldn’t let your beliefs influence your science. Fair enough, that seems fundamentally reasonable, but also just seems rather obvious. To a certain extent, I’m not quite sure what’s motivating this theme of value-free science. Reiner isn’t the only one who seems to be discussing this. This also seems related to what Tamsin Edwards was suggesting in her Guardian article. One possible motivation is that if scientists were seen to be value-free (objective) then they’d find it easier to convince the public of the strength of their scientific evidence. They would seem un-biased. An alternative is that science itself requires…

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