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27 July 2014

                The British isles is surrounded by sea water!  He says Rivers flowing from the high ground into the sea.  This water is reused repeatedly, and consequently polluted.  The answer to turning this water into fresh water, is evaporation.

                But heating the water is very energy intensive!  A far better idea is to apply vacuum.  Only one metre of vacuum head causes even ice to evaporate into water vapour.

                This is a basic definition of the enzyme system.  This level of pumping can easily be supplied by a vacuum pump during the day.  During the night off peak electricity is the cheapest answer.

                We pump the water vapour to high storage!  And vented above the reservoir: this requires 1000 times less pumping power than transporting liquid water.

                The water loses all contaminants and salts: it is basically decelerated water.  Plants will love it! …

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