Any more extreme weather, and we’re back to the LIA

Watts Up With That?

Story submitted by Eric Worrall

“…snowfall was much heavier than recorded before or since, and the snow lay on the ground for many months longer than it does today. Many springs and summers were cold and wet, but with great variability between years and groups of years. Crop practices throughout Europe had to be altered to adapt to the shortened, less reliable growing season, and there were many years of dearth and famine”

The quote above is attributed to Hubert Lamb, founder of the CRU, in the Wikipedia section on the Little Ice Age.

Alarmists who attempt to associate extreme weather with global warming, are glossing over the fact that the best evidence we have to date is that extreme weather is more likely to be associated with global cooling.  The following Climategate email admits as much:

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