Andrew Montford on precipitation

...and Then There's Physics

Andrew Montford, who runs the Bishop Hill blog has produced a report for the Global Warming Policy Foundation/Forum (GWPF) on precipitation, deluge and flood. It’s the standard kind of message; climate models have failed, we can’t find a trend in some data, cherry-pick a few papers that support this position, argue that we shouldn’t do anything. I can’t really face going into it in much detail. However, if anyone does wish to read the report, it might be worth reading this RealClimate post that discusses one of the papers that Andrew Montford’s report relies on (H/T Gavin Cawley), and having a look at this Met Office webpage that suggests that 1 in 100 precipitation events may have become more frequent.

What really bugs me about these type of reports is that they fail to acknowledge our understanding of the underlying physics/science. There’s a reason why climate scientists are quite…

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