The Great Divide

Power For USA

Current energy policy is largely predicated on the fear that CO2 emissions are causing climate change.

The debate over the Keystone pipeline is the most visible aspect of how energy policy is being affected by concern over CO2 emissions.

There are, however, a plethora of regulations, laws and mandates distorting energy policy, predicated on the fear of CO2 emissions.

A few include:

  • EPA’s Clean Power Plan
  • Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)
  • Net Metering
  • EPA’s limiting CO2 emissions to 1,100 pounds per MWh for power plants
  • California’s Zero Emissions Vehicle mandate

There is a divide among scientists, as well as laypeople, about the effect of CO2 emissions on global warming, or climate change.

This divide needs to be debated, rather than hidden from view by the media and the activists, such as Al Gore, who refuse to debate.

Melting Chilean Glacier. Photo by D. Dears Melting Chilean Glacier. Photo by D. Dears

Activists claim the science is settled.


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