I asked GOD, let all my friends be healthy and happy forever…!

GOD said; but for 4 days only….!

I said; yes, let them be a
Spring Day,
Summer Day,
Autumn Day,
and Winter Day.

GOD said; 3 days.

I said; yes, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

GOD said; No, 2 days!

I said; yes, a Bright Day (Daytime) and Dark Day (Night-time) .

GOD said; No, just 1 day!

I said; Yes!

GOD asked  Which day?

I said; Every Day in the living years of all my friends!

GOD laughed, and said; all your friends will be healthy and happy Every Day!

GOD said; good friends must keep in contact!

Be Happy……and Send This to All Your Good Friends..!

Just tell them one important message; people would not forgive those who intentionally or by mistake do wrong things against this planet, NEVER, EVER.


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